Tuesday, March 6, 2012


chaz spreading hay for the ewes.

patch bringing the sheep in from the fields.

keeping the sheep in-check.

sheep on the move.

these ewes will spend the next couple of weeks in barns until they are ready to lamb.

seperating the rams from the ewes.

the sheep are seperated by how many lambs they are having into different pens.

bringing the sheep in for lambing season
oxfordshire, england
february 2012


old harry rocks
dorset, england
february 2012


new forest ponies
new forest national park
january 2012


wiltshire county, england
january 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012


bournemouth beach
holga film overlap preview
october 2011


bournemouth, england
september 2011


the abbreviated story of organic composting.

caution: heavy machinery in use.

steel toed boots recommended.

left: pile to be shredded and seperated.

right: shredded/seperated pile ready for maturation.

maturation pad: the compost is heated and turned over several weeks maintaining a consistent temperature of 60 degrees.

mature compost is then put through a screener to seperate any non-organic material and refine the compost.

loading the screener.

screening in action creating the final product.

beaver county compost site
may 2011